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At Medcohere, we understand that referrals are a valuable part of dental healthcare services and management. It is important to effectively bridge the gap between dentists, patients, and specialists to enhance the quality of patient care. Our HIPAA-compliant online referral management system does exactly this, allowing you to enhance service quality and interprofessional communication. We increase operational efficiency by reducing paper work, eFax and eConsultation to increase ROI, and reduce ‘leakage’ in referrals. Our platform can be used on any device ­– like an iPad, mobile phone, or desktop. It’s cloud-based with no software installation required, and it has 256 military grade encrypted HIPAA compliance.


Our secure email feature allows you to send email safely and securely with its HIPAA compliance. Sometimes dentists may unintentionally break HIPAA rules and regulations, but our platform helps to prevent this – it’s secure to use and ensures privacy.


No matter how big or small your dental center is, our referral management system will help you to effectively streamline your communications and enhance patient care. Our quick and easy system allows you to track and record all inbound and outbound referrals, and manage them effectively.


Our eConsult feature allows dentists and specialists to safely share health information and records to improve coordination of care, while further enhancing collaborative relationships, transparency, and accountability throughout the process.


Our eFax feature allows you to send and receive documents electronically – like medical reports. As with all other forms of communication, eFax is also HIPAA compliant to ensure all patient information is treated with care and the utmost security.

Analytics & Reporting

Access to real-time analytics and meaningful insights around patient care is vital to better understand and improve operational efficiency. Our graphs and figures report intuitively on referral leakages, referral volumes, and case completion rates.

Patient Forms

With our platform, patient registration and consent forms can be completed efficiently online – from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Forms are usually submitted before patients even arrive; going paperless has never been easier.

EMR Integration

Integration allows applications to communicate with backend systems – it enables greater access to services, further enhances connectivity, and bolsters functionality.


Our health care provider database enables users to search for all types of providers by a number of different criteria, including provider name, location, and specialty.

About Us

Medcohere is a service provider that offers a complete paperless office solution and efficient referral management system for dentists and dental specialists. Our end-to-end referral management systems are aimed at improving communication, transparency, patient care, and overall quality in everyday operations. Our core team consists of experts with over 20 years of experience in the medical, dental, and technology fields. Our platform is highly secure, totally HIPAA compliant, easier, faster, and more convenient – and it can be used on any device.

Our referral management system helps consolidate all referrals in your workspace and tracks status updates between all referring dentists and specialists in real time. We make sure there are no lost referrals, and we help you generate great feedback from patients and reference providers. With our secure, HIPAA-compliant eFax and eConsultation features, we offer improved clarity in communication between referring dentists and specialists, and enhancements in overall care. We respect client and patient confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy policies, ensuring that patients medical information is kept private and secure.




We are an industry-leading company that is dedicated to facilitating increased operational efficiency, improving patient access to healthcare services, and increasing practice revenues. We provide an HIPAA-compliant, fully-integrated, specialist referral platform that enables real-time communication between practices and dental specialists – delivering greater access to care for patients.

Our platform supports

Dental Practices

Dental Practices

Group Practises

Group Practices

Dental Support Organizations

Dental Support Organizations

Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers

Hospitals / Medical Centers

Hospitals / Medical Centers


The field of healthcare is constantly evolving, growing, and changing. Dentists and dental specialists are always looking for the latest and most advanced ways to not just make treatments better, but also improve management and patient care in a larger sense. An effective referral management system is one such step towards better overall management and patient care for dentists and dental specialists.

Our effective and HIPAA-compliant referral system offers real-time updates and interactions to make your services and care better than ever before.

The benefits of Medcohere Referral Management System include:

Tracking System

One of the biggest challenges faced by dentists and dental specialists is what happens after a referral is sent. Our referral management system has an improved integrated scheduling feature that is effective in reducing the communication gap. The system also bridges the gap between dentists and specialists, making information sharing easier and faster.

Multi-Level Integration

Referrals pour in and out through multiple channels ¬– phones, faxes, emails, and more. Keeping track of, and effectively managing, all of them can be a difficult and daunting task. Our end-to-end referral management system makes this process simpler and more efficient. All required information is stored in just one place – keeping, updating, and referring to information has never been easier.

Improved Communication

Our efficient referral management system enhances engagement between dentists and specialists via a secure network that is remotely accessible at all times. All records and information can be shared via our HIPAA-compliant secure platform.

Increased Operational efficiency

We can increase your operational efficiency by reducing referral rate times, decreasing referral leakage, and providing real-time referral information – and, as a result, increase your ROI too.

These are just a few of the many benefits that the Medcohere referral management system brings for patients, dentists, and dental specialists alike. Everyone can enjoy hassle-free, quality, and beneficial health care services.


Using the latest technologies and innovative communication strategies, Medcohere bridges the communication gap between dentists, dental specialists and medical providers to enable better healthcare services for patients and fuel business growth for practices.



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