You may visit your dentist for a range of dental issues. It may be a tooth replacement, teeth whitening or a simple filling. As with doctors specializing in certain fields like cardiology, neurology and oncology, dentists too would be specialized in certain practices. These specialists will be able to handle special dental conditions efficiently through specialized treatments.

Specialty dentists

For instance, if you have teeth misalignments, you need to see an orthodontist. Orthodontics is not only for children, but you, as adults can also avail the service and get your teeth aligned. There is an increased awareness of dental hygiene in the recent times and the demand for dental services is on the rise. On the other hand, if you are looking for a root canal treatment, you need to see an Endodontist. Even though you feel your family dentist would be fine for this therapy, it is best recommended to consult a specialist.

Specialist referrals are not required for routine therapies. They are preferred for advanced treatments and for those who have severe dental conditions.

Why Specialist?

A specialist would have the required expertise to deal with advanced cases. You can trust a specialist as he would be dealing with similar cases day in and out and would have a great deal of knowledge coupled with experience. A specialist will also use the latest equipment’s for treatments.

How Do You Find A Specialist?

The most reliable source is the dentist you are currently in touch with. He knows your conditions the best and will definitely suggest the one that is best suited for you. Your dentist will be able to analyze whether he can treat you himself or a specialist referral is ideal.

Benefits of Specialist Referral by Your Dentist

  • Your dentist will have utmost concern for you as you are his patient. He is sure to refer you to a good specialist.
  • The specialist and your dentist would have worked together on many cases, so you can expect good communication between them. This works well for you too.
  • Your case will, for sure, not be the first referral. Your dentist would have preferred a number of similar cases and he would be certain of good results.
  • Your dentist will definitely know who the best specialists are in his field. So you can trust him!

Your dentist knows what is best for you; he is your go-to person in finding a specialty dentist!


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